About Us

The Committee of 300 of Long Beach, Inc. (C300) began in 1975 as a non-profit organization that participates in promoting, planning, and staging The Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. Working closely with the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach, C300 members serve on race weekend in a variety of capacities, including serving as grandstand supervisors. No matter what capacity they serve, their red jackets offer a beacon to fans who are lost, need a restroom or ATM, or want information about downtown restaurants. In addition, these talented volunteers produce the C-300 Club – a high-energy hospitality area behind Grandstand 24.

However, the C300’s responsibilities don’t stop after race weekend. C300 members staff the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach booth at the Los Angeles Auto Show and often represent the Grand Prix at local events such as the Belmont Shore Auto Classics Show and accompany the Grand Prix Pace car in the Seal Beach, Belmont Shore, and Daisy Lane Christmas Parades.

Participation in other non-race-related community service activities is encouraged and has included Ronald McDonald House Long Beach, Special Olympics, The Great Chase, and the Long Beach Marathon.

While we have great fun at these activities, we also take time out to just socialize and enjoy ourselves. We schedule at least one social activity each month. These activities can be as simple as a Sunday brunch or a weekend get-together at a local restaurant. Or they can be as exciting as a Harbor Tour, a sporting event, or a Christmas Party.

Whatever the activity – service or social – you will meet some of the nicest people in Long Beach who are eager to form friendships and business connections.

Officers and Directors

The leadership of the Committee of 300 of Long Beach, Inc. comes from all walks of life, and some began volunteering with us as young adults. Our leadership is composed of unpaid volunteers.

Karen Pasion – President

The President is responsible for the overall operation of the Committee of 300 of Long Beach, Inc. and represents the Committee to the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach. The President governs and guides the Officers, Directors, and Governors (members) in their responsibilities as defined in the Bylaws and the contractual agreement with the Grand Prix Association.

Anthony Gonzales – President-Elect

The President-Elect learns as much as possible about the operation of the Committee in preparation to assume the Presidency in the next term. The President-Elect fills in for the President and /or takes on special projects as directed by the President.

Picture of Jessica Badran
Jessica Badran – Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President offers assistance and advice to the sitting President for the betterment of the organization and its members. This offers continuity from one administration to the next. The Immediate Past President may also handle special projects when directed.

Biagio Cuomo – Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer oversees the operational functions of the committee. A Chief Operating Officer’s primary responsibilities include strategic, organizational, and administrative leadership to the day-to-day operations of the organization. He will work with the Board of Directors and their duties to organize, plan, and control operations.

Picture of Biagio Cuomo
Dale Arakawa – Legal Counsel

The Legal Counsel examines and approves all contracts and agreements between the C300 and outside vendors. The Legal Counsel oversees all matters which could have legal ramifications. The appointee must be an attorney licensed by the State of California.

Judie Johnsen – Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) prepares the annual budget and keeps the Officers and Directors apprised of the financial condition of the Committee. The CFO oversees the keeping of the C300 books and files to assure accuracy. The CFO prepares financial statements on a regular basis and works with the CPA to prepare the tax returns.

Pat Welch – Secretary / Web Developer

The Secretary maintains and documents the minutes of all official meetings of the Board and the Governors (members). The Secretary is responsible for the Corporate Seal and signs all legal and banking documents. The Web Developer designs and maintains the C300 website (committeeof300.com) to provide the information and tools required by the Directors to accomplish their responsibilities. This includes organizing the information, ensuring its accuracy and readability, presenting it in an attractive format, and directing questions, comments, and responses to the appropriate Directors. The Web developer assists other Directors as necessary in developing graphics, writing copy, and proofreading.

Chris Gehman – Race Management Director

The Race Management Director provides staffing for the Grandstands during the Grand Prix. This Director recruits, trains, assigns, manages, and directs the Governors (members) and Credentialed Volunteers who staff the grandstands as required by our agreement with the Grand Prix.

Sandra Ma – Press and Media Director

The Press Director staffs the VIP carts during Grand Prix weekend, and other press events such as Press Day and Walk of Fame, as dictated by the Grand Prix Association. The Media Director posts upcoming C300 events and reports of past events on social media channels. The Media Director also publishes the monthly newsletter of the C300.

Charlie Aroz – Promotions Director

The Promotions Director coordinates with the Grand Prix Association promotions staff to provide manpower for sanctioned Grand Prix promotional events. This Director recruits members to staff the required slots for these events. This Director maintains accurate records of fulfilled assignments which assures that each member receives the appropriate credit toward their membership responsibilities.

Peggy Lebrecht – Community Service Director

The Community Service Director coordinates with other community organizations, as well as the City of Long Beach, to find volunteer activities for the C300 members to enrich the community. The Community Service Director seeks out these opportunities and organizes, recruits staffing, and follows up among members to ensure the success of the activity.

Ruselle Cherry – Activities Director

The Activities Director plans, organizes, and announces a schedule of social activities for the C300 membership. This Director selects the activity, the type of affair, and the content of the social event. This Director also interfaces with the caterers, entertainment managers, and venues for the event as needed.

Ruselle Cherry
Gregory Santana
Gregory Santana – Membership Director

The Membership Director plans and implements marketing programs and social activities to recruit new members. This Director conducts orientation meetings for new members so that they can become very familiar with Committee history, rules, regulations, benefits, and obligations. Lastly, this Director plans and implements a plan to work with the other Directors to maximize membership retention.

Bert Sosa – Club C300 Director

The Club C300 Director plans, implements, and manages the Club, C300 a VIP Package Extra purchased with tickets to the Grand Prix. During race weekend, the C300 Club provides TVs with live race feed, live band with dance floor, catered breakfast and lunch, a no-host full-service bar, and more. This Director also facilitates the marketing and sales of C300 Club packages.