About Us

The Committee of 300 of Long Beach, Inc. (C-300) began in 1975 as a non-profit organization that participates in promoting, planning and staging The Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. Working closely with the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach, C-300 members serve on race weekend in a variety of capacities, including serving as grandstand supervisors. No matter what capacity they serve, their red jackets offer a beacon to fans who are lost, need a restroom or ATM, or want information about downtown restaurants. In addition, these talented volunteers produce the C-300 Club – a high-energy hospitality area behind Grandstand 24.

However, the C-300’s responsibilities don’t stop after race weekend. C-300 members staff the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach booth at the Los Angeles Auto Show and often represent the Grand Prix at local events such as the Belmont Shore Auto Classics Show and accompany the Grand Prix Pace car in the Seal Beach, Belmont Shore, and Daisy Lane Christmas Parades.

Participation in other non-race-related community service activities is encouraged and has included Ronald McDonald House Long Beach, Special Olympics, The Great Chase, and the Long Beach Marathon.

While we have great fun at these activities, we also take time out to just socialize and enjoy ourselves. We schedule at least one social activity each month. These activities can be as simple as a Sunday brunch or a weekend get-together at a local restaurant. Or they can be as exciting as a Harbor Tour, a sporting event, or a Christmas Party.

Whatever the activity – service or social – you will meet some of the nicest people in Long Beach who are eager to form friendships and business connections.

Officers and Directors

The leadership of the Committee of 300 of Long Beach, Inc. comes from all walks of life, and some began volunteering with us as young adults. Our leadership is composed of unpaid volunteers. Our part-time Office Manager is the only paid position.

Derek BrownPresident
Jessica BadranPresident-Elect
Anthony GonzalesImmediate Past President
Doreena DanielSecretary / Chief Operations Officer
Judie JohnsonChief Financial Officer
Chris GehmanRace Management Director
Brandon RiddleClub 300 Director (Paddock)
Sandra MaPress / Media Director
Charles ArozPromotions Director
Karen PasionMembership Director
Doug AkinsCommunity Service Director
Susan MrokActivities Director
Dale ArakawaLegal Counsel